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Energy Saving Solutions

Save Money

with our energy saving solutions:


  • LED  Lamps

  • Geyser Timers & Blankets

  • Generators

  • UPS / Inverters

  • Solar Solutions

Illuminated Stairs
Phil Brest Electrical geyser timer.png

LED Lamps

Electrical installation and electric fence.

Convert your existing lighting to LED and start saving immediately. We are able to audit the current lighting in your office or home and show you the available savings and return on investment.

Geyser Timers and Blankets

Install a time switch for your geysers and automatically switch off the appliance during peak hours. The geyser blanket will hold the temperature of the water in the geyser for longer eliminating the need for the thermostat to keep switching on.



Keep your office or home up during load shedding. We will source, supply and install generators to meet your specific requirements. Automatic and manual solutions are available.

UPS / Inverters

Keep your office or home up during load shedding. These units can be made specifically to suit your individual requirements. Wire directly into your existing distribution board or install new dedicated plug points supplied from the batteries.

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